Fight the flu this season. Get your flu shot!

Is the flu vaccine really effective?

According to the CDC, the flu vaccine can reduce the risk of flu illness by 40-60% among overall populations when well matched to the circulating virus.

How well the vaccine protects is typically up to two varying factors – personal characteristics (age & health, etc.) and the match between the virus and vaccine. During the flu season of 2016-2017 the vaccine prevented an estimated 5.3 million flu illnesses. The flu vaccine can also reduce the risk of flu-associated hospitalizations for children and older adults.

What about the elderly with a weaker immune response?

Because people 65 and older have an increased risk of hospitalization and death from the flu, it is more important to have protection via the vaccine rather than none at all. While the protection elderly receive from the vaccine can vary greatly, it is far more important to receive the vaccine rather than no to.

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